nieuws internationaal selectie E-proQure

Internationaal nieuws over e-procurement – oktober 2017

De Kennispartners van E-proQure selecteren maandelijks een aantal nieuwsberichten en ontwikkelingen uit het buitenland.

Why CFO’s need procurement as their right-hand man | Financial Executives

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and what they really mean for procurement and contracts  | Spendmatters

B2B payments millennial corporate buyers get personal with suppliers |

Evolving indirect purchasing: traditional vs. real-time e-procurement | Spendmatters

Automated warranty management systems drive expense reduction |

The hidden talents within your procurement team |

Why strong procurement management is necessary for any business |

Using Purchase to Pay technology as a driver for growth |

Stop seeing procurement as a resource. Start seeing it as a strategic partner – | Chris Crane

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