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Waarom ISPNext matters

In het voorjaar van 2022 konden we melden dat ISPnext een belangrijke stap had gezet in de realisatie van een Business Spend Suite en zich daarmee had gepositioneerd naast suites als Coupa, Jaggaer en Proactis.

Onlangs heeft ISPNext een volgende stap gezet door op de radar te komen van Spend Matters: een bureau dat onderzoek verricht naar inkoopoplossingen. Spend Matters meldt daarbij het volgende:

In this Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis, we give an overview of ISPnext, an S2P solution that automates invoice processing, improves supplier relations and reduces risks for an entire organization in one single platform.

ISPnext focuses on its local market, the Netherlands. Most of its customers are mid or mid+ organizations that have their HQ in Benelux, which encompasses an economic and customs union comprised of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. However, it plans to extend its presence further into the EU and the UK with the aim of becoming a leading European player.

Here’s why ISPnext matters:

  • To the market — ISPnext is a regional player with a unified and configurable S2P suite covering the main blocks required by mid-size organizations.
  • To customers — ISPnext’s customers benefit from a streamlined solution that covers their S2P foundational requirements and from a proximity that allows for a close collaboration with the provider.
  • To potential buyers — ISPnext offers a configurable solution that lacks some bells and whistles but may still appeal to organizations looking to cover foundational requirements — and, of course, looking for a solution made in Europe.

Bron: Spend Matters

Een volledig rapport over ISPNext is tegen betaling via deze link verkrijgbaar via een Spend Matters Pro abonnement.

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